Discovering Constructed Photography By Award Winning Artist

Constructed photography, as embodied by artists like Andreas Varro, emerges from life's tumult, prompting introspection into human motives. Varro's odyssey through darkness redefined him, using art to reshape society's discourse on behavior, technology, and freedom. His crafted compositions resonate with Renaissance aesthetics, weaving ancient tales into contemporary dialogues. Varro's talent garnered global recognition, earning him over 60 prestigious awards.

A Glimpse into the Digital Future

Homo sapien | 2022

In "Homo Sapien," the viewer is transported to a future dominated by digital entities. Varro's skillful manipulation of a skeleton's imagery illustrates our profound attachment to technology. The result is a powerful image, capturing our society's digital evolution from a unique vantage point.

Behind the scenes creating with Hasselblad

Follow behind the scene when constructed photography artist Andreas Varro creates his artwork with Hasselblad.

Illuminating Youth and Technology's Allure

Screen Time | 2023

Constructed photography artist, Andreas Varro, delves into the impact of technology on youth in "Screen Time." This artwork description captures the essence of how technology and appearances are reshaping the lives of children, revealing a world consumed by superficiality. Varro skillfully employs a custom light rig to illuminate a poignant image, contrasting the allure of beauty with the disquieting undertones of modernity

Cryptocurrency's Modern Twist

Charons Fee | 2022

With a nod to Greek mythology, "Charons Fee" delves into the realm of digital currency and its role in our lives. Varro's constructed photography technique seamlessly merges a model with a boat, illustrating society's swift embrace of trends over traditional values. Through a blend of studio shots and digital manipulation, the image takes on an enigmatic aura.

Unveiling Digital Intimacy in Constructed Photography

Meta Love | 2022

"Meta Love" paints a haunting picture of the future's detached relationships. Varro's constructed coffins symbolize isolation, capturing the unsettling shift from genuine human interaction to digital connection. Elevated by a specially designed rig, the constructed photography here beckons viewers to ponder the implications of our digital age. Follow behind the scenes creating this piece of art.

Behind the Scenes Creating Meta Love

The Unending Desire for More

Paradox | 2022

"Divided" uses the captivating medium of surreal photography to explore the stark contrast between human division and curiosity. It vividly portrays how our separateness as humans is rooted in tribalism, driven by the need to belong based on factors like religion, race, and social class. Additionally, the artwork delves into the influence of powers and politics that seek to divide us, while simultaneously highlighting the innate human curiosity that persists amidst these differences, possibly holding the key to our unity and redemption. The image itself is a product of Varro's masterful surreal photography techniques, combining a shattered and painted porcelain ball, a map-textured globe, and meticulously captured elements like hands and black slime. Through this lens, Varro intricately captures the dichotomy of our world and the glimmer of hope that curiosity can bring amidst our divided nature.

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Capturing Parallels in Constructed Photography

The Game | 2023

In "The Game," Varro skillfully draws parallels between the alluring virtual realm and our own reality. This constructed photography artist masterfully employs custom-made masks to symbolize the captivating nature of social media and its gatekeepers. The composition and vivid red hues intensify the image's authority, invoking a mysterious and compelling atmosphere.

Behind the Scenes Creating The Game

The Charisma of Influence

Constructed photography artwork creates modern renaissance artwork

New Gods | 2020

"New Gods" scrutinizes the sway of modern influencers. Through intricate layers of imagery, Varro highlights our tendency to emulate charismatic leaders without question. The result is a complex tapestry that underlines the influence of these new "gods" in our lives.

Entranced by the Screen's Siren Call

Streamer | 2021

Andreas Varro's constructed photography evokes the captivating allure of streaming services in "Streamer." The image of a woman entranced by her screen speaks to our ever-increasing dependence on technology. A plastic bag overlay serves as a poignant metaphor, while dramatic lighting amplifies the image's emotional depth.

Unmasking Social Media Facades

Perfect Lie | 2019

"Perfect Lie" offers a mirror to our social media façades. Varro ingeniously constructs a room filled with litter, capturing the stark contrast between reality and the perfect angles we present online. The dramatic lighting and composed subject evoke a sense of introspection.

Fragmented World, Curious Hearts

Divided | 2021

In "Divided," Varro examines our propensity for division and the resulting tribalism. The intricate combination of shattered porcelain and cartographic textures reflects both our fragmented world and our eternal curiosity about each other.

Andreas Varro's journey through constructed photography unearths a world of narratives and emotions, showcasing the unique power of visual storytelling in the digital age. Each artwork encapsulates a thought-provoking concept, inviting viewers to engage with the stories they tell.

About Andreas Varro

Andreas Varro is a multi-award-winning artist creating surreal art with the purpose of starting deep and meaningful conversations between people about modern man's and woman's challenges. His artwork has been called a "prophetic critique of modern society."

Portrait of Andreas Varro