Artist statement

My mission is creating impactful, raw and conceptual art that sparks meaningful conversations, connects people, and starts discussion about inner change. I do it for modern people who are, or wants to become braver and better as humans.

– Andreas Varro, Visual Artist

Conceptual photography

Social satire photography inspired by true stories.

Forbidden Fruit

Big tech promised us a more connected and convenient every-day life - did we receive what we were promised?


All the attributes that divide us as humans, still the curiosity remains.

New Gods

A story about a new kinds of preachers, influencers - Click to read more


A story about children's right to integrity in a world of "Sharenting." Click to read more.

Perfect Lie

An image of our perfect lives on social media? Is it perfect? Click to read more.

Pre Marketing

A dystopic story about the future of marketing. Click to read more.

Forever Online

A story about how we always reach for our phones, creating endless stress and enxciety. Click to read more.

Big Brother

We live in a survailiance society, and our data is worth more than gold. Click to read more.


Shortcut tells a story about people who only think about the goal, doing everything to get there, with minimal effort. Click to read more.


A story about evil and death, about every persons worst nightmare. Click to read more.


We do almost anything to fit into the bodies our society wants for us. Click to read more.

Top-selling artworks

All artworks are available to buy in Limited Edition, which is signed and numbered by the artist. Artwork printed on museum quality paper and available four different sizes. World wide shipping included.


I have collected painted art, photo, glass, and sculpture for over three decades—the last ten years as a gallerist and art agent.

My firm conviction is that Varro is a name that people should remember. A potential artist with his lens is evident to him. And me.

Rickard Löf

Agent and Gallerist, Private Gallery Sweden

Through his curiosity, Andreas creates images that are full of creativity, dedication, and emotion. At the same time, he demands that the viewer stops for a while and think about the work.

It is easy for the images to get stuck on the retina through their essential messages. I’m looking forward to following Andrea’s photo in the future.

Tom Sifversson

Agent and Gallerist, Artwork Orange

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