Social satire photo

New Gods


The influencer, the blogger, the vlogger, the tweeter and the status updater. Holding their book of knowledge, they stand on platforms, all offering advice, opinions, news, information, but do we stop in the street and listen as the preacher or protester shouts their message at us? Do we jostle and bustle to listen, do we bow to the gods? We can make our own way, find our own path, reach up and grasp that dusty book from the shelf and seek out our own truths? But we can turn away, and truly see and really know for ourselves.

New Gods




International Photography Awards
International Photography Awards
FEP Awards
Tokyo International Photography Award
Tokyo International Photography Awards

Tokyo International Photography Awards – Honorable Mention, Fine Art Collage category, 2024
International Photography Awards – Gold, Special-Digitally Enhanced, 2021
FEP Awards (European Professional Photographer of the Year) Bronze Camera, Digital Illustration category, 2021

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This artwork was is a group effort


Carina Lundgren, Kjell Rosenlind, PA Gerdevåg, Pierre Leander, Elin Embretzén Varro, Hanna Embretzén, Kicki Nilsson, Sarah Karlsson, Jane Sahlin, Pavel Koubek. Liza Hjelm Kristiansen, Camilla Sydner Svensson, Johannes Nenne Larsson, Beatrice Ander, Amanda Asp, Emanuel Eskilsson, RosaLee Lundström, Sofie Blomström, Jessica Carlsson, Monica Bjelke, Jeanette Freij, Linda Stevadotter, Zeynab Miran, Tove Lindgren, Limou Danesh, Christina Åhlstedt, Malin Gillberg Gawelin, Maria Greus, Felicia Gillberb, Magnus Wahman, Frida Petersén, Daniel Tägt, Elin Andersson, Jessica Möller, Magnus James, Josefina Bhjur, Lisen Vaahto, Mirre Leï