Comissioned Art

Would you like to have artwork that no one else owns? We can help you create tailored artwork for your home or business that is 100% unique.

Exclusive tailored art owned by you only

Are you looking for super-exclusive art owned by no one else? Maybe you have a theme that you believe deserves more attention worldwide? Have 100% unique and exclusive artwork created for your home or your business. We will help you tailor artwork that suits your business and your personality.

Be unique with one-of-a-kind artwork

Fits interior perfectly with a tailored frame style

Order in almost any size

Better vision with low-reflection glass

Leasing and down payment available

How does it work?


Meeting, brainstorming, and price estimate.

Idea & Sketch

We visualize ideas with sketches.


Detailed quote, 30% payment up-front before production starts.


Production start, location scouting, model casting, photo shoot, and  retouching.

Printing & framing

Printing, framing and delivery of artwork.

Behind the scenes

Documentation of production for your marketing.


Reach out to Andreas Varro for questions about products, press, collaborations and more. Your inquiries are valuable.

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Frequently asked questions

I have yet to have any concrete ideas, only a subject I want the artwork to be about. Is that enough to start with?

Yes, Andreas Varro has worked for over ten years with commissioned art. It's enough that you have a hint about what you want to create, and Andreas will help you to make a creative story.

How long does it take to create a custom-made artwork?

It depends on the story and the image's complexity, but at least two months from the order to delivery.

What does a custom-made artwork cost?

We cannot give you an estimate because everything depends on how complex the image is and what kind of frame you want for your work.

Can I use the custom artwork as a digital file in my marketing?

Yes, you can license the image for any scope of use. If you, for example, want a framed print and use it for your web and social media, we will estimate a license for that usage. If you later want to expand and use it for a print campaign, we will extend the permit for an extra fee.

You can also purchase an exclusive license to use it almost however you want.

What kind of frames are you offering?

We work with one of Sweden's best glaziers with generations of accumulated traditions and knowledge in framing art. As a result, there are almost no limitations to how we can prepare your artwork.

Why do I have to pay upfront?

Creating custom-made artwork usually means assembling a larger team. We charge 30% of the fee upfront to pay our team members for their work if something happens. The fee is non-refundable.

How is the artwork delivered?

If you are located in Sweden, there is a high chance that the artist can deliver the image to you. We will send the image to you in a custom-built protective crate if you are located further away.

Can I attend the photo shoot?

Yes, you can. This photo shoot is an experience few will experience during a lifetime, and you should see it as a part of the product.

What is behind the scenes?

Whit behind the scenes, we mean images photographed and filmed during the production and/or photo shoot. If you are a business owner, you can use these images as a part of your campaign in social media and other marketing materials.