Homo Sapiens

A dystopic scene of a human skeleton, with a smartphone in its hand, excavated 3 million years in the future.


Homo sapiens (H. sapiens, meaning "wise man") is the last species in the evolution of human lineage with a physical body, with its earliest occurrence about 3 million years ago, on planet Terra (Earth). [1] H. sapiens used small boxes with antique technology to control other members of the tribe, putting them in a trans-like state by stimulating the brain's reward center. [2] Size ranged widely from 150–200 cm (4 ft 9 in – 6 ft 5 in) in height and 70–200 kg (154-440 lb) in weight. [3] H. sapiens used verbal communication and had a low scapular index with rounded shoulders. This specimen can be traced back around 2000-2100 AD (The Cenozoic time, aka Age of Mammals.)

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