Creative Photographer Makes Dark Art Photography "Meta Love"

As a creative photographer specializing in dark art photography, I delve deep into the realms of power structures. In today's society, technology enhances our lives significantly but also serves as a tool for controlling narratives, both in politics and other spheres, with a profound impact of technology on society.

Creative Photographer Depicts Love Through the Lens of Technology

Throughout human history, love has been expressed in various ways, but its core essence has always revolved around intimacy and closeness. The depth of love shared between two people means one step closer to that someone, and whenever that love fades, the intimacy fades, and the distance between those two grows.

Technology has changed how love comes to "life"; it has made us reach out, to be able to get closer in real life. So many of us, including myself, have the technology to thank for founding true love, technologies effect on society has is like a wedge between us; in some areas, it no longer gets us more intimate, but it gets between us; maybe we are searching it, but when found, we continue the search.

As a creative photographer I wanted to explore this further, because this is where the attention economy plays out its role; tech keeps us on its fingertips, continuously feeding us small portions to keep our attention, and it steers us away from what's meaningful. With dark art photography I wanted to express this complex issue and how technology shapes society.

Meta Love: A Glimpse into the Future of Human Connection

'Meta Love' tells a story about  future love. Will technology and its creators keep getting between people and love? Can we change how we and our partners look inside the virtual world? Do we live in a much more exciting and multicolored world, and will the real world be gray and dull? Ten years ago, a conspiracy about the future would have been that we no longer see, feel, and touch each other, something taken out of the science-fiction movie Matrix; today, not so much a conspiracy. But, in a sense, many people are already there, lying next to each other, and instead of holding each other hands, they have their devices, staring into a multicolored, virtual world. Nevertheless, technology shapes society in the way technocrats decide.

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Eliciting Emotions Through Art

As a creative photographer, I am deeply intrigued by the ability to engage viewers' senses and evoke contrasting emotions through my work. 'Meta Love' stands as a testament to this artistic pursuit, teetering on the edge between beauty and despair. Is it an embodiment of love or an exploration of separation? Does it signify a place of rest or a final destination? Is the prevailing emotion one of positivity or negativity?
Every aspect of this dark photography, from the 3D-printed, custom-designed VR goggles to the heart-shaped boxes punctuating the scene, has been meticulously considered and crafted.

Behind the Scenes of 'Meta Love'

The creation of 'Meta Love' presented a series of unique challenges. To capture the essence of this piece, the camera had to be elevated to a staggering height of 7 meters (approximately 22 feet) above the scene, suspended by a carbon fiber rig supporting the Hasselblad X1D. An unexpected incident occurred as the rig malfunctioned, nearly resulting in the destruction of my camera. Fortunately, quick thinking and an additional strap saved the day, allowing us to capture this dark photography artwork just in time. As a creative photographer, precise planning and meticulous environmental control were paramount for this production, which was carried out in an indoor location to eliminate the unpredictable variables of weather conditions.

Shaping Light to Create Ambiance

Lighting played a critical role in achieving the desired ambiance for dark photography style in 'Meta Love.' To create a soft, subdued lighting effect, I relied on the precision of Broncolor Move and Siros lighting equipment, utilizing significant light sources to cast a gentle yet focused illumination. Both models were individually illuminated and photographed. In contrast to my typical post-production techniques, I exercised restraint in editing 'Meta Love,' preserving the authenticity of the location and capture.

Framed Artwork

Meta Love framed in a black vaneer frame, full-bleed, delivered with certificate of authenticity.

About Andreas Varro

Andreas Varro is a multi-award-winning artist creating surreal art with the purpose of starting deep and meaningful conversations between people about modern man's and woman's challenges. His artwork has been called a "prophetic critique of modern society."

Portrait of Andreas Varro