A photographic art exhibition in Örebro about modern man and society


Permanent exhibition

Vågen shopping center, bottom floor

Nygatan 32 Örebro


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Galleri Tegnérlunden

Tegnérlunden 14 Stockholm

Artist feautured by
DIY Photography
Art Sheep
Photoshop Creative
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Swedish Television

Art exhibition in Örebro

While exploring the town, visit Dystopia, an art exhibition in Örebro in which the multi-award-winning visual artist Andreas Varro showcases captivating art. Through his innovative artworks, Varro addresses the challenge of navigating the digital world. His creations skillfully carve a space that reflects upon the delicate balance between human progress and the integrity of natural law. In this photography exhibition in Örebro, Varro draws inspiration from myths and the timeless aesthetics of the Renaissance and juxtaposes these classical elements with elements of trendy pop culture and the demands of the hypermodern lifestyle.

The Artistic Process

Andreas Varro's artworks takes weeks, sometimes months, he meticulously crafts his own props, builds intricate scenes, and captures subjects. Employing advanced digital techniques, he weaves these elements into surreal artworks that redefine reality. Witness this extraordinary fusion at his art exhibition in Örebro, drawing inspiration from the vibrant Culture in Örebro, making it a must-see addition to the culture in Örebro.

behind the senes when andreas varro is photographing in a studio


Technology, a double-edged sword, can empower or enslave. Its creators must prioritize humanity over power, for innovation's true worth lies in its service to all, not just the privileged few. This exhibition explores these critical issues nad the power-structures behind technology that shapes our minds and therefor our society.

- Andreas Varro

60+ prestigious awards

+2000 hours of work

Five years in the making

200 square meters exhibition

24 artworks

See artworks never displayed before

About the artist

Andreas Varro is selected as one of the world's best digital artists by the Lützers Archive and withholds over 50 prestigious national and international awards. His work represents human behavior through the medium of satire art. First, he uses conventional methods to create props and construct scenes. Then, using photography, he captures and manipulates images using digital techniques.

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