Meta Love

A dystopic and surreal scene of two people making love in the metaverse.


Ache in the chest, and life's so dull; I want to be someone else, perhaps in another world? Withering love, rusty conversations, no strength to fix this; oligarchies, help out! Eyes wide open; feed me waste, please turn my partner exquisite. This world is grey; can't be here anymore - please take me to that multicolored virtual world.

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Awards Won for this Artwork

Highly Commended – Siena Creative Photo Awards, Conceptual, 2022

Project credits


Carina Lundgren

Behind the scenes:

Kjell Lundgren


Emil Sandberg, Nathalie Ramsell, Johan Kangro, William, Lantmännen Örebro, Mikael Sundqvist, Robert Brofeldt, Mats Lindström