Perfect Lie

Perfect Lie


Busy crafting our lives for others, not daring to show our inadequacies, struggles or sorrow. This is our front of house, and the new keeping up with the Jones’. Always laughing, always holidaying, always hugging our family and friends but never revealing the rows the night before. Never sharing our garbage, our dirty linen or battles with Mental Health. We keep smiling and building a perfect picture. We tell some truth, the half truth, capturing the moment we were happy for the first time in weeks,  and the rest of the time it with a smile that doesn’t reach our eyes. We raise a glass for a birthday with friends but never mention the 3 bottles we drank when we got home. s

Artwork awards


  • Gold – Swedish Championships, Commercial category, 2019
  • Silver – International Photography Awards, Self-Promotion category, 2019
  • Honorable Mention – International Photography Awards, Deeper Perspective, 2019


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150 x 102 cm (59 x 40,1″)


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100 x 69 cm (39,3 x 27,1″)


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80 x 56 cm (31,4 x 22″)


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40 x 30cm (15,7 x 11″)


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