New Gods

New Gods


We’ve always have had people influencing others in different ways with stories, theories, and ways of living. I find it interesting, at the same time, intriguing how the ordinary man or woman today can spread whatever message they desire for either good or bad. A makeup artist that talks about politics or a gamer that starts to talk about virus spread – the power to the people, but is it right?

For a long time, I believed that technology was changing us, and it is to a certain point. Today I understand that we are repeating ourselves. We do the same things we did before, but with various methods, today, technology is our arena, and it’s “amplifying” information. Because of the fast pace, I believe we need to be more aware, to spot the negative messages of what these influencers are conveying to us, and to benefit from the good that it brings us.

We need good influences, not bad. This artwork, which I call New Gods, is about balance and being alert to what messages, lifestyles, and ideologies we choose to adopt – a lot of the times a million followers from a person feel like a legit reason to change our lives, but it’s not. I’ve been there, changing my way of dieting, working out, and changed the way I live because of “preachers.” I imagine we need to listen to others, but be more selective and choose to adopt the good principles they tell us that makes our lives better. We need to become stronger and listen to our intuition, that gut feeling that says, “this isn’t such a grate idéa.” They are not gods; they are flesh and blood, many times wrong about the things they are supposed to be experts in.

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