A girl is taking a selfie with her crying daughter to get likes.


Do you approve of me and my baby? Thanks for the likes, I’m sure when my child grows up she won’t mind that I’ve shared her life with the world – good or bad – to sell products, services and promote brands. I just need the approval of that thumbs up to make sure I’m a good parent, the more thumbs up the better it gets. What’s that you say? Timid uncertainty in my eyes that anxiously need those responses, and there is no corner of the nursery left private, I’ll share their schools and grades and achievements with you all without fear, remorse or worry, like, like, like. I take a bow, curtain falls.

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Artwork Awards

Excellence Award – European Professional Photographer of the Year, Illustration/Digital-Art category, 2019
– One Eyeland Awards, Advertising / Self-Promotion Category, 2018
Honorable Mention
– International Photography Awards, Deeper Perspective, 2019
Honorable Mention
– International Photography Awards, Advertising/Self-Promotion, 2018
Excellence Award and third place
– Swedish Championships in Photography, 2018

Other Projects

Project credits


Carina Lundgren

Behind the scenes:

Sarah Karlsson


Sara Rothstrand, Mattias Käll