Return Policy

Last updated March 2022

Welcome to AV Art Sweden AB!

This Return Policy applies to all products purchased through:

Our Return Policy forms part of, and must be read in conjunction with, our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Shipping Policy. We reserve the right to change this Return Policy at any time.


Because our products are unique, exclusive and produced according to customer specifications, we do not offer refunds or returns. Please check all product specifications before placing an order.


We only replace artworks, if they are damaged, according to the following provisions:

* Artwork should be inspected upon arrival if there is any exterior damage to the package. This should be done when the person delivering the package is still present.

* If the transport company damages the artwork during shipment, the transport company will be responsible for covering the lost damage. AV Art Sweden AB will not compensate for damage caused by the transport company. The buyer must address his claim to the respective transport company.

* The buyer is responsible for inspecting all artwork after it is unpacked/unwrapped by an experienced framer BEFORE it is framed. AV Art Sweden AB is not responsible for damages found after the artwork is framed. AV Art Sweden AB will not compensate the buyer for the costs of framing or any other costs.

* The artwork is FRAGILE; if a person with no experience in handling art opens and unrolls the package/artwork, and the artwork is damaged, the artwork will not be replaced.

* If there is no visible exterior damage to the package and the artwork is opened by someone with experience but the artwork inside the package is damaged, scratched or has other print related problems; the buyer must send photos of the outside of the package and photos of the damaged artwork (if damaged) with the respective certificate of authenticity. In this case, AV Art Sweden AB will replace the artwork with an exact copy of the purchased artwork, with the same edition number and signature. Before replacing the artwork, the buyer shall be obliged to destroy the artwork and the certificate of authenticity, and send pictures of the destroyed artwork together with the certificate and the hologram (attached to the back of the artwork).

* If the framer at the time of opening and unpacking the artwork, damages the artwork, AV Art Sweden AB is not responsible for such damages, please carefully select the person who will unpack the artwork.

* The production of the replacement artwork will have the same production time as indicated in the initial order.

* The images are printed on museum quality professional paper on a professional printer and with professional ink. However, AV Art Sweden AB does not guarantee the duration of an artwork as this depends on how the artwork is handled, where it is hung, the quality of the frame and the environmental conditions of the room (light, humidity, etc.) and much more.


If you have questions about this Return Policy, please contact us through our contact page or through the following contact information:

Phone: +46 (0)72 328 95 10