I believe that becoming successful at anything means spending lots of time on that, practicing and developing. I also think that you need to have some passion for whatever you are trying to excel in. Is it a success if you don’t like what you do, even if you become good at it? I don’t think so, and I see many people that stop thinking about the road to becoming successful, they know the end goals and want to get there as fast as possible with any means necessary. This artwork is about shortsighted people taking shortcuts in life, lying, cheating and doing whatever they can to reach their goals. Success, to me, is the feeling I get when I do what I’m passionate about, it’s a road towards something more significant and more meaningful, which is why the image Shortcut is so important to me.

Artwork awards


  • Silver – One Eyeland Awards, Advertising/Self-Promotion, 2019
  • Honorable Mention – International Photography Awards, Deeper Perspective, 2019
  • Bronze – World Photographic Cup, Illustrative Category 2018 (World Championships in Photography)
  • Bronze – Prix de la Photographie Paris 2018, Advertising/Self Promotion, 2018
  • Honorable Mention – International Photography Awards, Advertising/Self-Promotion,  2018
  • Honorable mention – International Photography Awards, Special-Digitally Enhanced, 2017
  • Excellence Award -European Professional Photographer of the Year, 2017

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